OptiLASIK® Laser
Vision Correction

Not all LASIK   LASIK : An acronym for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. LASIK is a type of laser surgery in which the cornea is reshaped to improve vision. A device called a microkeratome is used to surgically create a thin, hinged flap of corneal tissue. The flap is folded back, the laser is directed to the corneal surface exposed beneath the flap, and the flap is brought back into place.   procedures are created equal. Some outcomes are better than others, depending on many factors, including which laser and technique were used.

The problem is, many LASIK systems work purely off your eyeglass or lens prescription, and don’t account for the things that make your eyes special. And why would you want to receive the exact same LASIK procedure as everybody else?

That’s why we created OptiLASIK® Laser Vision Correction. It combines today’s most advanced surgical technologies into a procedure that works with your eyes’ special traits for a more natural shape.

OptiLASIK® Laser Vision Correction offers an advanced procedure that actually adapts to the unique curvature of your eyes, reshaping them more closely to an ideal, natural eye shape, unlike earlier LASIK procedures that reshaped without taking natural curve into consideration.

Because no two pairs of eyes are exactly alike, customizing your laser vision correction procedure is extremely important. Today, surgeons can optimize their refractive treatment outcomes with the WaveLight® Refractive Suite—a truly customizable laser platform designed with a focus on patient comfort, surgical precision, speed, and safety.

The WaveLight® Refractive Suite achieves this by combining the 500Hz WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser and the 200 kHz WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser for the broadest range of customized laser vision correction treatments available today.

This truly integrated combination uses the world’s fastest excimer laser available—with the most sophisticated technological laser vision advancements—to ensure accuracy, safety, and consistent refractive outcomes.

Surgeons can also rely on the innovation of the award-winning WaveLight® Allegretto Wave®/Eye-Q Excimer Laser. This world-renowned laser system introduced the proprietary PerfectPulse Technology®—an innovative technology that controls every single laser pulse from its generation to the point where it contacts the cornea, thereby enhancing stability and smoother results.

However, even some of the greatest inventions aren’t for everyone, which is why we designed the WaveLight® diagnostic range to help your doctor determine if OptiLASIK® Laser Vision Correction is right for you.

WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser

WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser

The advanced design and built-in flexibility of the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser allows today’s surgeons to expand their treatment capabilities by customizing the laser vision correction procedure for every type of vision disorder—myopia,   Myopia: A refractive error resulting in the inability for the eye to see distant objects. Also referred to as "nearsightedness." Occurs when the eyeball is too long or when the cornea has too much curvature, preventing the light entering the eye from focusing correctly on the retina and resulting in blurry vision at a distance. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery are treatment options for correcting vision impairment caused by myopia.   hyperopia,   Hyperopia: The medical term for "farsightedness," a refractive error resulting in an inability to see objects at close range. Typically caused by either a cornea with too little curvature or an eyeball that is too short, hyperopia causes light entering the eye to focus improperly on the retina, resulting in blurry close-up vision. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery are treatment options for correcting vision impairment caused by hyperopia.   and astigmatism.   Astigmatism: A common refractive condition caused by either an irregularity in the curvature of the cornea (corneal astigmatism) or the lens (lenticular astigmatism). People with astigmatism generally have difficulty seeing fine detail at all distances. This vision disorder is treated with corrective lenses or refractive surgery.  

  The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser system is another development from the proven Allegretto Wave® Excimer Laser technology, integrating many new functions for fast, safe, and reliable refractive laser treatments. Featuring enhanced sealed beam path technologies, the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser sets the new standard for laser precision and durability. Technological advancements include reduced sensitivity to patient movements, enhanced patient comfort, and precise high-resolution calibration that allows for stable and reliable procedures—independent of the surgeon’s technique.

Built for speed and superb patient outcomes, the 500Hz WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the fastest excimer laser on the market today. With a powerful 1050Hz multidimensional eye tracker (synchronized at 500 Hz), the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser offers exceptional accuracy, precision, and safety. Utilizing proprietary PerfectPulse Technology®, the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser optimizes every laser beam pulse to precisely control the natural shaping of the cornea.   Cornea: The clear, curved surface at the front of the eye through which light enters the eye. Along with the sclera, the cornea provides external protection for the eye.   By adapting to the unique curvature of each patient’s eye, surgeons can reshape it more closely to an ideal, natural eye shape. This offers many benefits, including a minimized potential for nighttime glare and halos   Halos: A visual effect, in which a circular flare or hazy ring of light may appear around a headlight or other lighted object.   following laser vision correction.

As part of the WaveLight® Refractive Suite, the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser has been ergonomically optimized to combine with the WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser and other WaveLight® diagnostic devices. By utilizing the WaveNet™ Computer Network, surgeons can accurately transfer all patient data and treatment and diagnostic information to the lasers. The result? Improved data flow throughout the procedure, plus enhanced patient experiences and a simplified surgical procedure.

WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser

WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser

Another in a line of cutting-edge technological advancements in vision correction, the WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser helps doctors produce more reliable outcomes during refractive procedures.

  By combining optimal energy—including low-pulse energy during sharp-cutting edging—and spacing parameters through a highly precise scanning algorithm, the WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser features ultrafast flap creation times, making it possible for surgeons to efficiently create consistent, high-quality flaps.   Lens: The transparent disc behind the pupil that brings light into focus on the retina.  

For maximum precision, the 200 kHz WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser is automatically calibrated before each treatment and a high-resolution microscope for excellent, continuous visibility throughout the procedure enables the surgeon to control every step during treatment.

In other words, with the WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser, surgeons can create precise and reliable flaps, without grooves, ridges, or rough edges. Now that’s laser vision correction that’s truly a cut above.

WaveLight® Allegretto Wave®/Eye-Q Excimer Laser

Wavelight® Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser

Introduced in 1999, the Allegretto Wave® Excimer Laser system grew to become known around the world. Based on an ideal that was once only imagined, this laser system shortened surgery times and introduced innovative, reliable eye tracking along with an award-winning, space-saving design that captured the devotion of LASIK surgeons everywhere.

What makes Allegretto Wave® Lasers so special is their unique PerfectPulse Technology®, which is designed to ensure that every ultra-fine laser beam pulse is precisely controlled when sculpting the cornea, or surface of the eye.   Cornea : The clear, curved surface at the front of the eye through which light enters the eye. Along with the sclera, the cornea provides external protection for the eye.  

PerfectPulse Technology® does this with an advanced high-speed eye tracking system that follows the eye’s fastest movements and ensures accurate beam placement with 3 different infrared light sources. During the procedure, the stability of every pulse is controlled by a smart-energy program, which automatically balances levels for smoother results.

WaveLight® ALLEGRO Analyzer

WaveLight® Analyzer Diagnostic Device

Providing a new level of convenience for both surgeon and patient, the WaveLight® Analyzer is a diagnostic tool that helps eye doctors decide if Wavefront-Guided laser vision correction is the best choice for the individual.

After all, successful treatment of vision disorders requires an accurate diagnosis.

To do this, the WaveLight® Analyzer measures the complete optics of the eye and calculates the individual wavefront aberrations, or imperfections in the eye.

Considered an advanced approach, the WaveLight® Analyzer greatly enhances the range of possibilities when it comes to laser procedures.

Working in the same visible spectrum as the human eye, the WaveLight® Analyzer projects typical measurement spots onto the retina, which are captured by a light-sensitive camera. The distortion of the light spots on the retina, or back of the eye, in relation to the reference lights, is calculated and the wavefront error displayed. Based on this measurement, your surgeon calculates your individual treatment profile.

WaveLight® ALLEGRO Topolyzer VARIO

WaveLight® ALLEGRO Topolyzer VARIO

The WaveLight® Topolyzer VARIO has been optimized to further enhance the range of customized laser vision correction.

Based on a placido disk system, the WaveLight® Topolyzer VARIO references 22,000 elevation points to create a virtual topographic map of your eye, thereby providing immediate visibility of visual defects, including decentrations, keratoconus, astigmatism, and tilt. In addition, it highlights aberrations and their influence on your optical system.

Your surgeon will use these data to define the respective treatment parameters within the proprietary software.

For the most difficult cases, the WaveLight® Topolyzer VARIO is an ideal tool for the preparation of highly sophisticated topography-guided laser vision corrections.

WaveLight® Oculyzer II

WaveLight® Oculyzer II

The WaveLight® Oculyzer II provides your surgeon with a new level of diagnostic information. As an advanced system for comprehensive corneal topography, geometry measurements, and the analysis of the complete anterior eye chamber, it makes refractive surgery safer and increases the level of predictability.

A high-resolution camera rotates around the eye, delivering up to 25,000 measuring points. Based on those, a 3-dimensional model of your eye is created, delivering maximum diagnostic information. The data are then transferred to a WaveLight® Excimer Laser system to perform topography-guided, customized refractive treatments.

The WaveLight® Oculyzer II is a professional solution especially for highly complicated cases: Extensive diagnosis providing ultimate treatment capabilities and plays for safety.

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